Chiyoko Slavnic - photo by daniela dostalkovska
Name: Chiyoko Slavnic
Country of Origin: Canada
City of Residence: Berlin
Strong Points: Cultural and political documentaries;
promotional shorts;
music-based readings
Accents: Standard North American (neutral)
Selected Experience
and Clients:
DW-TV news and features since 1999;
CKLN jazz radio host 1991-93;
promotional production for Siemens and others;
concert hall performances.
Background,Training: 1989 University of Toronto, B.Music
1997-present Contributor to Musicworks Magazine
1991-93 Host and production of special jazz programs, CKLN Radio
1997-98 Akademie Schloß Solitude, Fellowship Grant for composition and performance with text
1992-2003 Narration and performance in contemporary music, dance, and theatre projects
Other Talents: Special knowledge of contemporary arts;
ability to read complex musical scores;
proofing & editing English texts.