Alexa Dvorson
Name: Alexa Dvorson
Country of Origin: United States (San Francisco)
City of Residence: Berlin
Strong Points: expressive, high versatility;
news/documentary or light, friendly/sensuous;
texture range: velvet to velcro
Accents: North American, mid-Atlantic; others on request
Selected Experience
and Clients:
TV/film voiceovers since late 1980s (Sound House,
Studio Hastings, DW-TV and others);
Radio Production (Documentaries): NPR, CBC, Deutsche Welle,
BBC, Radio Netherlands, others
Background,Training: Minor in Journalism,
over 20 years' broadcast experience,
guest radio trainer
Other Talents: Interviews, editing, selected accents for acting
(Indian, west African, Slavic, etc.);
Fluent in German and French